In this  article, you will find out How are hotels using Augmented Reality.

Hotels are using Augmented Reality to provide their guests with an enhanced experience. By incorporating AR into their business, hotels are able to offer interactive and informative features that help their guests feel more connected to their surroundings.

How are hotels using Augmented Reality

How are hotels using Augmented Reality?

Hotels are using augmented reality in a variety of ways to improve the guest experience. Here are a few examples:

1. Hotel chains are using AR to provide guests with virtual tours of their properties. This allows potential guests to get a feel for the layout and amenities of a hotel before they book their stay.

2. Some hotels are using AR to provide interactive concierge services. Guests can use their smartphone or tablet to access information about the hotel and its surroundings, as well as make restaurant reservations and book activities.

3. AR is also being used by some hotels to create unique and memorable experiences for guests. For example, one hotel is using AR to turn its swimming pool into an underwater world filled with sea creatures. Another hotel is using AR to transform its lobby into a magical forest complete with fairy-tale characters.

4. Finally, AR is also being used by hotels to train staff members such as housekeepers and front desk agents. This helps ensure that employees are familiar with the layout of the property and can provide guests with the best possible experience.

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What is an Augmented Reality Hotel Tour?

An Augmented Reality Hotel Tour is an immersive experience that allows you to explore a hotel and its surroundings in a completely new way. Using your smartphone or tablet, you can view the hotel and its features in 3D, as well as get information about the hotel and its amenities. You can even book a room right from the tour!

Why Are AR Hotel Tours Becoming Popular?

There’s no doubt that augmented reality (AR) is becoming more and more popular, with businesses across a range of industries starting to use it in new and innovative ways. One sector that’s really embracing AR is the hotel industry, which is using it to offer potential guests virtual tours of their properties.

There are a number of reasons why AR hotel tours are becoming increasingly popular. For starters, they offer a much more immersive experience than traditional 2D video tours. Guests can get a real feel for what it would be like to stay at a hotel by walking through virtual versions of the rooms, public areas, and even the surrounding neighborhood.

What’s more, AR hotel tours can be customized to each individual guest. Hotels can use data about a guest’s preferences and interests to create a tour that’s tailored specifically for them. This personalization can be a powerful marketing tool, as it helps to create a strong emotional connection between the guest and the hotel.

Finally, AR hotel tours are simply more fun and engaging than traditional video tours. They offer guests an opportunity to explore a property in an interactive and exciting way. And with more and more hotels jumped on board, it’s likely that AR hotel tours will become

Examples Of Augmented Reality Hotel Tours

1. The Marriott Hotels chain

Marriott Hotels chain is pairing a futuristic redesign of its hotel lobbies with augmented reality, packed advertisement in a popular magazine.

Marriott is revolutionizing the future of travel with revamped lobbies and tech-enabled work spaces in its Travel Brilliantly campaign. Interactive print ads engage consumers using augmented reality, allowing you to see how Marriott lives up to its slogan through a video.

2. Ritz-Carlton in Los Angeles

They have created an app that allows guests to take a virtual tour of the hotel. The tour includes information about the history of the hotel, as well as the different features and amenities that are available. Guests can also see what their room will look like before they book it. This is a great way for hotels to show off their properties and give potential guests a taste of what they can expect when they stay there.

3. Hilton Hotels

Hilton Hotels is also using augmented reality to give guests a tour of its new properties. The app includes a virtual concierge that can show guests around the property and answer any questions they have.

These are just a few examples of how hotels are using augmented reality to give potential guests a taste of what it’s like to stay at their properties.

AR is definitely changing the hotel industry, and we are only just beginning to see the potential of what it can do. From enhancing the guest experience to streamlining operations, AR is definitely a technology worth watching in the hospitality sector. We believe that AR will become increasingly commonplace in hotels over the next few years, and we can’t wait to see what new and innovative applications arise.

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